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Select carpet style you like or search for your rug. There are multiple rug sizes to chose from and also different rug colour styles. Furthemore many rugs are on sale so you can save and get rug bargain.

Here is the result for "Flokati" rugs and carpets provided by Aladdins Carpet. Bellow you can find more pages of Flokati area rugs. We hope that you will like these Flokati carpet Now just click the carpet picture to see more details about that Flokati area rug.

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Handmade Flokati ECGSFL0K150A Ivory Wool Shag 2'6" x 4'0"
Handmade Flokati ECGSFL0K150A Ivory Wool Shag 2'6" x 4'0"
Retail price: $1150.87
Your price: $150.00

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Hand-knotted Ardabil Red Wool Rug 3'4" x 11'1"

Hand-knotted Ardabil Red Wool Rug 3'4" x 11'1"

Retail price: $1374.00
Your price: $140.00

Ardabil is a town in the Caucusus region of northwestern Iran. It is known as the center of the Persian Kazak rugs. They have predominantly geometric designs, with many stylized motifs woven into them. They tend towards a lighter color palette, with fine, tight good textured piles.

Classic Stellar Light Gray Rug 4'7" x 6'5"

 Classic Stellar Light Gray  Rug 4'7" x 6'5"

Retail price: $576.52
Your price: $210.00

Influenced by the beautiful antique Persian designs of yore, the Classic collection are silky and elegant power loomed rugs. With their warm tones and intricate designs combine to make these timeless old world classics into modern masterpieces.

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